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Nepal organic Coffee Products (NOCP) is the first organic and finest coffee production company in Nepal. The main product of NOCP is the Himalayan Arabica coffee, which is not only the best grown in Nepal, Probably one of the most popular coffees in the world, which is the highest quality and natural, shade grown, single origin, high grown, certified organic naturally low caffeinated, mild acidity, mild body and good flavor/aroma.

It was established in Madanpokhara, Palpa in 1989 as an agro forestry model garden. Although the commercial plantation of coffee started since 1982, as an entrepreneur, NOCP is Mr.DhakesworGhimire and whole Ghimire family have been supporting to promote the enterprise.

There are many factors that contribute to the premium quality of Himalayan Arabica coffee. Not Only goes the management to cultivation process play an important role in producing high quality bean, the favorable climate and Location are also the important factors that are equally instrumental.

In Nepal, We have different regions of higher altitude away from the main coffee growing Capricorn and cancer belts (above 23 degree latitude of the world, 1000 to 1600m high). However, it is important to note that it is the Arabica variety which is being grown in Nepal as the one and only variety so far. It is special quality and good as the Mexican and Elsavadoran coffee.

NOCP is an internationally certified organic company according to the organic Agriculture certification Thailand under IFOAM accredited on production & processing of coffee since 2008 NOCP’s Himalayan Arabica coffee & Morning Fresh coffee have been instrumental in contributing to the coffee producing regions in Nepal in support of environment and social improvements.

The production area of the Arabica Coffee of the NOCP’s is presently in the remode-sloppy and small farmers village area of the western region of Palpa District.

This company has been managing a system to support a good organic agriculture practice and also a good value chain system from coffee seed to a cup of coffee(cultivation of brewing). In other words, the system includes various procedures such as growing, harvesting, processing, grading, roasting, grinding and finally packaging through following techniques.

  • Hand picked, nurtured and selected with care for fresh aroma.
  • Visually double checked at the farming site with high altitude.
  • Carefully selected to ensure the best quality by using the finest coffee bean(only ripen fresh cherry coffee) to create a unique and distinct flavor of the Himalayan Arabia Coffee.
  • The cherries if as green picked to soon it will be sour coffee or to late (over ripped) it will be fermented wine coffee. Therefore we harvest the cherries at the peak of ripeness. So the quality of Nepal Organic’s brand is as good as any where in the world.

Coffee production to Final Processing

Farming region: Himalayan and mid –hills (highland area)-Farming

Scale:our coffee is grown in limited quantity on family farm and cooperative basis.

  • Manpower involved: small farmer’s groups and co-operatives in Palpa.
  • Altitude of the farming area: High altitude from 1000 to 1600 m.
  • Mode of cultivation 100% organic farming system in an eco-friendly environment with shade grown for natural fertilization and biodiversity bee farming and bird friendly atmosphere.
  • Coffee growers  no use  petrochemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers.
  • The farmers use rich compost, vermin compost, from the cherry pulp and farm waste cattle urine, dungkes.
  • Variety:Arabica(Bourbon and catura).
  • Technical Support: Government of Nepal, NCPA & DCPA
  • Harvesting time: January to March.
  • Labour: Strictly no use of child labour.
  • Pulps: Pulps avoided by pulping machine
  • Fermentation: Natural fermentation (within 18-24 hours) to make best quality parchment coffee.
  • Washing: Washed with Himalayan fresh and cold waster 5 to 6 times.
  • Sun drying:Sun dried only till the 10 to 12 % moisture level of parchment coffee.
  • Packing: Dry parchment coffee is packed in food grade jute bags.
  • Curing: Curing of parchment is done to ensure uniformity in taste
  • Selection Procedure: parchment is hulled by huller machine , grading is done by a grader machine, hand sorted by women and double checked to ensure the best size and quality to make it an exportable green bean coffee of international standard.
  • Roasting temperature: 200 to 230 degree centigrade.
  • Roasted Category: Medium, Medium –Dark, and Dark packed in aluminum foil branded with organic logo print.
  • Product categories: fresh roasted beans medium course Medium and espresso & (fine) grind.
  • Caffeine content:1%
  • Ingredients: 100% pure high grown Arabica organic coffee beans processed by wet processing.
  • Roasting: by a big modern roasting machine with gas and electricity.
  • Safety measures and hygienic system: Well practiced from roasting to packaging.
  • Registered brand: NOCP’s Himalayan Arabica Coffee and Morning Fresh and The Green Mountain.
  • National Standard Award: National Coffee logo of national tea and coffee development board of Nepal govt.
  • Standard Scale: Average cuping score is 82.6 (from 4 cuppers) and received good comments from green mountain co. water bury lab USA.
    • Cupping Details :- Certification: Organic freg/Aroma: 7.8, Acidity: 7.6, flavor: 7.8, Body: 7.4, after taste: 7.6 uniformity: 9.75, clean cup: 9.75 sweetness: 10, Balance 7.5 Average cuping score is 82.6 and received good comments from Green Mountain Co, Waterbury lab USA.

100% organic certified by OCN/Nepal, EU & ACT Thailand. Himalayan Arabica coffee is a unique coffee. It has naturally low caffeine sweet flavored coffee with mild acidity. Its aroma is rich with earthy and fruity flavor.  Its taste is full bodied with strong creamy and pleasant mouth fullness. For the coffee lovers, its flavor, fragrance, aroma, body, acidity or sweetness are the main concerns. NOCP’s Himalayan Arabica Coffee and Morning Fresh Coffee promise to satisfy with all of them. In other words, NOCP is proud to be able to supply the highest quality of certified organic coffee in the country and satisfy the ever increasing its new lovers. It has become the best product with leading sales performance in the Nepalese coffee market since the mid-1990s. Now a days, We are proud to say that the demand for the quality coffee of NOCP has been rising both in  national and international market.

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