Brewing Method & Accessories

This coffee is not an instant coffee. It is pure and original filter coffee. So one should know how to brew it: (coarse grind for French press, medium for drip and fine for espresso)

  • Put a spoonful(5grams) NOCP ground coffee in a cup of going to boil water and cover it for three minutes.
  • Filter it with filter pot, paper or muslin cloth, add sugar and milk according to your taste. It can be taken hot or cold.
  • To make a great cup of coffee use(Medium, Medium-dark or Dark) roasted beans and grind it on in different  size and use in different types of press pot, maker, moccapot espresso machines or other brewing machines. You can make 70s different tastes as ESPRESSO Filter, Mocca, Cappuccino, late, Moccacino, Americano, Irish coffee and others.
  • In order to preserve the freshness keep it airtightcontainerin a cool dryplace never in the refrigerator or direct sunlight.
  • To enjoy the full flavor and aroma use within three weeks of opening the bag.

In order to maintain freshness we suggest to buy in a small amount and come back for more, and experience the rich and delicious aroma of NOCPs Himalayan Arabica, Morning Fresh & The Green Mountain Coffee

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